Results From Lawn Maintenance in Overland Park
1. Select the Proper Variety of Grass.
Did you know that there are over 12,000 different species of grass? Now, many of these, like corn, you would never want to plan in your yard! However, there are still countless varieties of lawn grasses you can choose from. Which grass type you select will be dependent on a number of factors including the region in which you live and how much sun your lawn gets on a daily basis. In Overland Park, lawn maintenance and how often you water your grass are other considerations to take into account. Discussing your options with lawn care professions in Overland Park will help you make the right choice for your lawn.

2. Be Sure to Care for the Roots.
Grass has very fragile and sensitive roots. If they do not receive adequate water, they will die very quickly. If you want your lawn to stay lush and green, make sure to soak the roots at least once a week, if not twice a week. In fact, these deep root waterings are much more vital to the success of your lawn than even daily surface watering. If regular watering doesn’t work well with your schedule, call a lawn maintenance company in Overland Park for help.
Additionally, dog urine is no friend to your lawn. While we know you love your pet, your yard does not. We encourage you to teach your dogs to use the bathroom in the same, inconspicuous spot. This will help minimize the effects he causes to your yard.

3. Use the Correct Fertilizer.
There are many different types and brands of lawn fertilizer on the market. Be sure to choose a high quality fertilizer that will be the appropriate lawn application for your Overland Park lawn. We recommend fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen for the greenest lawns around. If the task of fertilizing your own yard seems like a challenge, call lawn care professionals in Overland Park and set up a regular fertilization schedule.

4. Be Prepared.
A bright green lawn in the spring is typically started in the fall. While fall is the best time for aerating and overseeding in Overland Park lawns, they can still be done in the fall with great results. Aeration will allow for nutrients, water, and air to circulate through your yard, and overseeding on top of this will provide more grass seed to take root and thicken you lawn, making it look lush and green. Again, we recommend these services in the fall, but if you missed the fall lawn care season, it’s not too late to catch up this spring!

5. Call the Best Lawn Care Company in Kansas City.
One of the easiest and quickest ways to a beautiful green lawn is by calling Encore Turf, the best lawn care company in Kansas City. We are experts at creating lush, thick, green lawns with our year-round lawn care services. All you will need to do is relax and enjoy your gorgeous yard! Call (913) 458-2423 today for a free estimate.

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