Everyone enjoys the look of a beautiful and healthy lawn, and the best lawn care company in Overland Park works tersely to ensure that your lawn is the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.  From leaf removal in Overland Park to overseeding in Overland Park, lawn care professionals do a lot to ensure your lawn remains beautiful, strong and healthy.  These are the best lawn care management practices that lawn care professionals in Overland Park specialize in.



Lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park are incredibly crucial to your lawn’s health.  Fertilizer helps your lawn fight back against weed invasion, but it can be a delicate process.  Applying fertilizer at the wrong time or applying too much fertilizer can result in a damaged lawn.  Companies working in lawn maintenance in Overland Park will have a lot of information for you to learn and understand how fertilization works, and why it’s essential.  Hire your trusted lawn care professionals today!



Did you know that more lawns are damaged due to over-watering than any other cultural practice?  Over-watering actually keeps your grass’s roots in the top few inches of soil, which reduces your lawn’s ability to tolerate stress.  A healthy lawn has deep roots.  To train your roots to grow deeper, here are some great lawn applications in Overland Park to try:

  • Water Less Frequently For Longer Periods Of Time
  • Water The Proper Amount
  • Check Your Sprinkler System
  • Irrigate Around Sunrise

Irrigating in the morning will allow the leaf blades to dry out during the day entirely.  Irrigating in the afternoon or evening will leave your blades wet, which may cause an increase in your grass’s susceptibility to disease.



Though it may seem like the most exhausting lawn care maintenance chore in the world, mowing is incredibly essential.  It’s important to keep up a regular mowing schedule during the summer to maintain your turf’s health and strength.

If you do miss a week of mowing, bring the height of the grass back down to the recommended level slowly over time.  Raise your mower height, so you don’t remove too much leaf tissue at once.

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