Summer is a great time to be outside: running around, playing pick up soccer, setting up the sprinkler, throwing a ball with the family dog, and many other fun activities. However, as the best lawn care companies in Overland Park will tell you, heavy traffic can damage your lawn.

Heavy Traffic Can Damage Your Lawn

Compaction is one of the main lawn maintenance problems in Overland Park caused by high traffic in your yard. Compaction occurs when people are walking or running in your yard, in the same areas, on a regular basis over time. The result of the compacted soil is the inability for grassroots to push through the soil and establish a solid root base. Without proper roots, grass plants do not receive the necessary nutrients that they need to thrive and grow. You may be surprised to know that lawn care professionals in Overland Park say that nearly every yard in Overland Park has areas where compaction is a problem.

Aerating in Overland Park is the best way to quickly fix the issue of soil compaction. Many rental stores and hardware stores will rent an aerator that you can use yourself to aerate your lawn. Aeration pulls plugs of soil out of the ground, allowing more air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass, allowing it to grow lush and healthy. Alternatively, many lawn care professionals in Overland Park are trained in aeration. Hiring a professional to provide aerating to your Overland Park yard will make sure the areas that need it most are done properly and fully. However, if you continue to use your lawn in the same manner, aeration alone will not completely solve your soil compaction problems.

Changing the flow of traffic through your yard can be one of the best ways to avoid soil compaction. While it can be challenging to move your lawn furniture, swing sets, trampolines, and other lawn fixtures, it can help change up the high traffic areas of your yard, keeping soil compaction at bay. Once you have aerated the strained areas of your yard and switched the flow of traffic, your lawn should regenerate quickly. If you are still seeing problems with your lawn, call professionals to ask about lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park.

Crabgrass is another problem caused by high traffic areas in your yard. High traffic paths, especially near driveways and sidewalks, can break the crabgrass barrier created by spring lawn applications in Overland Park. This allows the crabgrass to come through your lawn and start to take over these high traffic areas. A secondary lawn fertilization service from an Overland Park lawn care professional will help keep the crabgrass at bay.

If you need help with high traffic areas in your lawn this summer, call the best lawn care company in Overland Park. Encore Turf can be reached at 913-485-2423.

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