Lawn maintenance in Overland Park is critical while the summer season transitions into fall.  Proper practices can help maintain a vigorous lawn, or even revive a declining lawn.  Lawn care professionals in Overland Park are always available, but there are beneficial DIY lawn care practices that can help maintain a beautiful lawn.   Leaves will soon fall – leaf removal in Overland Park will take priority over other lawn care maintenance practices.If not, leaves left on the turf can result in a damaged lawn the following spring.  Be prepared for the fall and winter months by starting to care for your lawn today! Here are the best lawn care practices in late summer & early fall!


Mowing is an essential, basic lawn care practice, but when done wrong, can leave your lawn grasping for life.  Cool-season grasses, such as fescue, perform best in the cool weather of spring and fall and are typically mowed at the height of 3.5 to 4 inches during the hot, more stress baring months of summer.  However, during the colder months, fescue responds better to a blade level of 2.5 to 3 inches.  Learning these lawn care practices from the best lawn care company in Overland Park is essential, not only for visual appeal but for the health of your lawn.


Late summer and fall is an excellent time for lawn fertilization.  Lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park, provided by Encore Turf, can help you obtain a lawn that will flourish throughout all seasons.  Similar to mowing, done incorrectly, your lawn can be severely damaged.  Lawn maintenance in Overland Park is a never-ending job, but extremely rewarding when done correctly.


Aeration in Overland Park is popular amongst lawns that suffer from heavy foot traffic.  This constant foot traffic can result in a thin and unhealthy lawn.  Professionals encourage homeowners to aerify compacted soils in late August or September with a machine.  These aerifying machines remove plugs of soil from the lawn, and help your lawn breathe and grow.  Aeration in Overland Park is something that is often brushed aside, but is in reality, extremely important for certain lawns and neighborhoods.

Thatch Removal

Thatch is a layer of dead, and some living, plant material that forms between the soil and green foliage.  When your lawn’s thatch is greater than ½ inches, dethatching could be the next best option.  The best lawn care companies in Overland Park are there to help if needed, but you can dethatch your lawn yourself using a spiked metal rake, and much patience.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Weeds are always an annoyance to both you and your lawn, but perennial broadleaf weeds can be damaging to your lawn.  Connect with your trusted lawn care professional in Overland Park to learn what type of chemical or practice to fight these weeds with.  When dealing with chemical products, safety for you and your lawn should come first.


Late summer to early fall is a prime time to establish new lawns or even overseed thinning lawns.  Seeding usually begins mid-August and is usually completed around the end of September.  Contact your trusted lawn care professional in Overland Park today for more Overseeding information.

Lawn care is rewarding, not just presently, but in the seasons to come.  For more lawn care tips, tricks, and facts, contact Encore Turf + Property Enhancements at (913) 485-2423 today!

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