Debris & Leaf Removal Services:

A clean lawn is a healthy lawn! Removing debris and leaves from the lawn not only looks better , but promotes growth and nutrient retention – and when we say removal, we mean removal. Other lawn and landscape companies come along and mulch leaves into the turf surface until the lawn is clear. This wouldn’t be such a problem if leaf amounts were minimal, but this usually isn’t the case. Mulching an abundant amount of leaves creates the same kind of problems as if the leaves were left uncollected.  Debris and leaf removal in Overland Park are extremely important!

The fall and winter months could potentially be the most important time to keep your lawn clean so that it can prepare for dormancy. Leaving leafs of the lawn over these seasons can cause all sorts of disease, fungus, and insect issues. Overland Park is on the border of the tran-sitional and cool season grass zones, and if you haven’t been here long or noticed – things tend to get a bit wacky as far as weather is concerned. As if your lawn didn’t have enough to deal with! Letting tons of leaves sit on your lawn over these months magnifies any other issues you might be having. Leaves with high levels of moisture create a breeding ground for fungus and disease. Leaves with a dry winter make it even harder for the lawn to receive levels of moisture needed throughout winter dormancy. At a minimum, leaves shade out the lawn making energy storage near to impossible. Put all of these issues together and you’ve got yourself a tall task come spring time!

Call us today for a no-cost proposal on having your lawn debris removed and leaf collection on a one-time,two-time or regular basis throughout the fall and winter months or any other time of the year!

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