As simple as it may seem, there is actually a specific way to mow the grass. For a healthy, beautiful yard, it is crucial to mow correctly. Everything from straight lines and vibrant green grass – when it comes to lawn maintenance in Overland Park, you want your yard to be the best of the best. Mowing tips for the best yard:


At Encore, we consider ourselves the best lawn care company in Overland Park, and we have a few tips we would like to share for all of the do-it-yourself mowers out there.



The first thing lawn care professionals in Overland Park will tell you is not to mow the same pattern every time. When you only mow in the same direction, you risk soil compaction and your grass blades growing at an angle. You should be able to tell most of the time which way the tracks went the last time you mowed. If not, make a mental note or write it down so you won’t forget.


Avoid Scalping

The second important tip for mowing is not to cut your grass too short, also known as scalping. When your grass is short, it becomes susceptible to weeds, disease, soil exposure, and damage from extreme weather. The only exception to cutting grass short is right before winter to avoid snow mold.


Mow When Grass is Dry

When doing lawn maintenance in Overland Park, do not mow when your grass is wet. Mowing a wet lawn will clog the mower deck and leave a rough cut. Wet grass clumps will form and if not picked up they could eventually kill the grass.


City Ordinance

Many cities, including Overland Park, have requirements for grass length and other vegetation. In Overland Park, a violation exists when grass and weeds are higher than eight inches. This also includes vines and shrubs. Check with your city ordinance on their requirements before you obtain a violation. If you find yourself out of town much or physically can’t mow your lawn, call the best lawn care company in Overland Park to do it for you.


Sharpen Blades

To get a finely cut lawn, you need sharp blades. You will be able to tell if your blades are dull if you create uneven, jagged edges when mowing. Sharpen your blades a couple of times during the mowing season for best results.


Following these tips this mowing season will give you the best results for your yard. At Encore, we specialize in everything from lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park to lawn maintenance in Overland Park. Contact us for any of your lawn care needs today!

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