It’s not luck; there is a science to achieving a beautiful, full lawn.  The best lawn care companies in Overland Park know that Overseeding keeps your lawn looking great, throughout the entire season.  Whether you have spent years tending to your lawn, or this is your first time, Overseeding can improve your results significantly.  Overseeding is one of the great lawn applications in Overland Park! This is the best overseeding in Overland Park: the key to a beautiful lawn!

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is merely spreading grass seed over an existing, already full lawn.  If done correctly, it’s a relatively straightforward and simple process to better your lawn’s health.  If you use your yard and outdoor space often, contacting your trusted lawn maintenance in Overland Park to discuss further how Overseeding can benefit your lawn may be your next best option.

Establish Your Goals:

The professional difference starts right here, at the foundation of the Overseeding process.  The best lawn care company in Overland Park will Overseed to prevent future thinning and death, but the homeowner will usually Overseed to correct their lawn’s imbalance or dead spots.

Overseeding in Overland Park can benefit your yard all year round.  For example, if you Overseed warm-season grass with cool-season reinforcements, this will create a bolder green color during the winter months.  Overseeding benefits not only your lawn’s health, but also the way it looks.

Time The Task:

The best time for any lawn maintenance in Overland Park, including Overseeding, is late summer to early fall.  Cool-season grasses grow most vigorously during this time of year, while more robust, warm-season weeds, such as nutsedge are less active during this season.  Warm soil encourages germination, and crisp fall air will stimulate your grass’s growth.


Prepare The Area:

Preparing for Overseeding in Overland Park is relatively simple. Start by mowing your lawn extra short, and remove all of the clippings.  This is so that new seed will contact the soil and get extra sunlight and hydration.  Professionals working in lawn maintenance in Overland Park suggest setting your mower at two inches or less for proper Overseeding preparation.  After mowing, rake the soil with a metal thatch rake to remove the clippings, thatchings, and debris.

Correct Existing Problems:

When addressing troubles beyond simple thinning, test your soil and make corrections before beginning the Overseeding process.  Connect with your trusted best lawn care company in Overland Park for proper procedure instructions.  If needed, take extra time to dethatch, and core aerate compacted lawns, so that air, moisture, and seed will get to the soil.

Select a Quality Grass Seed Product:

Better seed will in turn yield better lawns.  Always use grasses recommended for your regional climate and top-quality seed you can trust.  Lawn care applications in Overland Park can have a shorter lifespan without the proper healthy seed.

Spread Your Seed:

Using the spreader that best suits your lawn, will apply seed at label-recommended Overseeding rates.  Large lawns are best Overseeded with drop or broadcast spreaders, and small lawns are best Overseeded with handheld spreaders.  Remember to work while the air is calm and still to ensure better seed distribution.

Fertilize Overseeded Areas:

Avoiding weed and feed products is a must, which inhibits seed germination.  Starter fertilizer delivers essential nutrients that your new improved lawn requires.  Do the research, and talk to a trusted professional about the kind of fertilizer to use on your lawn.

Water Your Lawn:

Newly Overseeded lawns need consistent moisture for proper health and growth.  Professionals encourage freshly Overseeded areas to be watered lightly twice a day for the first four days.  Following the first four days, water more heavily every other day for the next five days.  This encourages deep, healthy roots.

For the lawn of your dreams, start the Overseeding process today.  It is rewarding, not just presently, but in the seasons to come.  For more lawn care tips, tricks, and facts, contact Encore Turf + Property Enhancements at (913) 485-2423 today!

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