Verticutting, which is often referred to as vertical mowing, is a process that removes thatch buildup in your lawn.  This creates the best environment for turf to breathe easy, and better absorb nutrients and soak in as much moisture as possible.  Thatch is a layer of dead stems and roots that form a netting between your grass and your soil.  From lawn care to lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park, verticutting is an integral part of proper lawn maintenance, but why do you need verticutting in Overland Park?

When Will I Know I Need Verticutting?

When the thatch buildup exceeds a half inch, all of the biomass starts eating all of the proper nutrients that should be feeding your healthy turf.  Thatch robs your turf of healthy nutrients and health.  Beyond that, insects and other diseases can live and remain strong in thatch, which is bad news for your turf.

You’ll know when your lawn has bad thatch buildup when your turf feels spongy when you walk across it or apply pressure to it.  The best lawn care company in Overland Park encourages that you fight your thatch with an annual session of verticutting.  Before the next growing season, make sure you take care of your lawn with a healthy verticutting maintenance session provided by competent lawn care professionals in Overland Park.

How Does Verticutting Work?

There are several ways to remove thatch from your lawn.  You can use a rake with tines explicitly designed to pull the dead mass of thatch up from beneath the green, healthy turf.   This process is labor intensive and can be quite tricky, which is why verticutting is such a great alternative.  Removing your thatch before looking for leaf removal in Overland Park is incredibly essential.  Don’t let the thatch kill your lawn throughout the fall and winter months!

A verticutter has blades that are designed to cut down into the thatch without damaging the healthy turf atop.  This process breaks up the dead layer of thatch and brings it up to the top of your lawn.  At this point, it can be easily recovered and removed with healthy lawn maintenance in Overland Park.

Verticutting is a seamless process when done right.  Always use a professional lawn care company you trust to complete this process, as to ensure your healthy turf is not damaged.  This professional lawn care company can also help you follow up your verticutting procedure with other healthy lawn care procedures, such as overseeding or core aeration.  Working with a company you trust is essential to ensure your lawn remains healthy and strong throughout all four seasons.  Talk to your trusted lawn care company about verticutting and de-thatching today!

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