Working with the best lawn care company in Overland Park is a confident way to ensure your lawn is not only beautiful but also healthy and ready for cold weather.  Lawn maintenance in Overland Park involves a lot more than just mowing and weed-whacking, it can include aerating and verticutting in Overland Park as well.  But what is it, and why is verticutting and aerating in Overland Park important?



Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of dirt from your lawn with a specialized machine.  These plugs are typically around ¾” in diameter and just a few inches deep.  Over time your lawn’s soil will get compacted and hard, and aeration allows your lawn to breathe by making room for roots to grow and air to flow.  These lawn applications in Overland Park are essential to a healthy lawn.



Verticutting is similar to aerating in that it gets rid of the layer of thatch, but it’s a little more involved.  Lawn care professionals in Overland Park perform verticutting by using a particular machine that cuts horizontal lines into a lawn versus pulling small plugs out of a lawn. A verticutter has blades that cut down into the thatch, breaking up the layer and bringing to the surface so it can easily be collected and properly removed.  Verticutting decreases lawn compaction by cutting in the rows, but not to the degree that a core aerator does.  Verticutting creates the best bed for overseeding in Overland Park.

Aerating vs. Verticutting


Aerating and verticutting are not the same and do not do the same thing.  Aerating is used to decrease compaction, control thatch buildup, and encourage rooting in your lawn.  Verticutting cuts grooves through the thatch layer, which allows seeds to get the best soil possible for germination and establishment.  In the end, it depends on your lawn.  Consult with your trusted lawn care professionals in Overland Park before deciding anything.

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