Professional mowing

The most underrated services in Overland Park in landscaping…

Sharp blades, straight lines, proper heights and efficient equipment all to help us get on and off your property quickly so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors. As the best lawn care company in Overland Park, our weekly service takes care of everything – professional mowing patterns, hardscape edging, trimming in all areas not reached by the mower, and all grass clippings blown from hardscape areas and landscape beds. Call or email us to set up a free on-site consultation for your residential or commercial property so that we can start saving you some serious time while improving your curb appeal.

black diamond snow & ice services

When everyone and everything stops due to the weather, we don’t.
Midwest winters are unpredictable and at many times brutal. Temperatures below zero, multiple inches of snow per hour, and ice patches are just some of the problems left behind from these storms. Let Encore Turf manage and tackle these events in order to keep your business running on time or simply get you safely out your driveway and on with your day. Regardless of property size or use, Encore Turf has the appropriate winter weather management plans so that when these events occur it’s as if they didn’t.

Drainage Solutions

Whether it’s a puddle in the back yard or a puddle in your basement – we’re here to help with all of your lawn maintenance in Overland Park.
Let our experts visit your site and determine a plan to best move water from A to B – B being far away from anything that matters to you! We have the proper tools and insight needed to fix all of your drainage issues regardless of where they pop up.

Commercial & Industrial Property Management

Think of having a single source for point of contact for all things outdoor property maintenance related and you get Encore Turf. We’ve got you covered on all outdoor items A to Z. We also have contacts with some of the best sub-contractors in the city who have been fully vetted for quality and craftsmanship. You get accountability, value, industry leading communication, and best of all – single source monthly billing.

landscape & holiday lighting

Looking to add that extra pop to a special tree or some of your landscaping beds? Using premier technology from some of the most trusted brands in the industry Encore Turf will have you seeing your property in a whole new light! Have us out for a landscape lighting consultation today!

Independence Day? Halloween? Christmas? KU? Mizzou? K-State?
Whichever holiday you and your family celebrate let Encore Turf design and install a custom holiday lighting system that will be sure to have the neighborhood buzzing. We are here to ensure your lawn applications in Overland Park are designed to perfection!  For those of you looking to show their support for a local professional sports or college team we have our team allegiance lighting designs!

hardscape & property power-washing services

Encore Turf now offers heated power washing services for all of our local clients! Our system provides heated water to the power washer at temperatures up to two hundred and twenty degrees. As temperatures rise so do the cleaning effectiveness of power washers, especially at lower pressures. This allows Encore Turf to clean sensitive areas such as stucco or expensive stone with a far less likely chance of damage.

Professional mowing


Turf Applications


Debris removal


verticutting, dethatching, aerating & overseeding


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