Summer is all about playing outdoors and backyard BBQ’s, so you’ll want your yard to be luscious and green. Unfortunately, summers in Kansas can be uncomfortably hot and dry, which can cause quite a bit of stress on your lawn. If you plan on reaping the benefits spring showers brought, you will need to spend time maintaining and caring for your yard in the summer. 

Caring for Your Yard in the Summer 

The following are some tips from lawn care professionals in Overland Park.   

Mow High 

The first order of business for lawn maintenance in Overland Park is mowing. Mowing is essential, but to achieve a healthy lawn during the summer, the blades need to be set high. Taller blades will allow the grass to develop deep roots, will provide shade and cool the soil, tolerate the dry weather better, and prevent weed seeds. 


During the dog days of summer, your lawn will need water to grow. To ensure growth, grass needs at least an inch of water every week – whether it comes from rain or manual irrigation. Lawn care professionals in Overland Park highly suggest watering in the early morning before the mid-day sun dries it up. 

Watch the Weeds 

Most people can agree that weeds are one of the biggest nuisances to lawns. Removing weeds as soon as possible is crucial so that they don’t have a chance to disperse seed and grow across your yard. To avoid this problem, talk to the best lawn care company in Overland Park about weed control products.   

Leave the Clippings 

When mowing your yard, the grass clippings that are produced play a super important role in supplying the soil with nutrients to grow healthy grass by keeping moisture levels balanced and even providing shade from the sun. 

Don’t Over Fertilize  

When people’s yards turn brown and start to die during the summer, they think that adding fertilizer may help reverse the damage. However, lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park strongly discourage the act of fertilizing a yard during the peak of summer as it can actually damage your lawn even more and prevent the grass from growing. Fertilizing should be done during the spring or fall instead.  

For more tips and information on keeping your yard nice and healthy, continue following our blog. At Encore, we consider ourselves the best lawn care company in Overland Park. We do everything from fertilizing, leaf removal, aerating, and verticutting in Overland Park. For more information on how we can help, contact us at (913) 485-2423. 

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