Have you ever heard someone say, “Brown grass is so pretty!”? We’re going to assume not. There’s no such thing as a beautiful, brown lawn, which is why everyone strives for a luscious, green one. And rightly so! However, trying to maintain a green lawn, especially during the summer, can be awfully difficult. If you struggle to keep your grass a vibrant green, we’re here to tell you a few secrets on growing and maintaining a green lawn as the best lawn care company in Overland Park. 

How To: Keep Your Grass Green 

Adjust blade height 

One wouldn’t necessarily think the condition of a mower would play a factor in the color of grass, but it does. The height of your mower blades is very important in achieving a beautiful, green lawn. During the summer, lawn care professionals in Overland Park recommend raising the blades up to 4 inches. By keeping the blades high, you’re keeping the grass blades tall enough to shade the soil and also keeping weeds from growing. 

Water in the morning 

As you know, water is absolutely necessary for growth, but it’s also essential to know when to water. If you water your lawn, yet aren’t noticing the effects you should be, it could be due to the time of day you water. To achieve green grass, the best time to water your lawn is in the morning. Watering overnight puts your lawn at risk for disease and other fungi. 

Proper water amount 

Now that you know when to water, you also need to know how much water your lawn needs. For lawn maintenance in Overland Park, lawns require between 1 to 2 inches of water a week in three or four-day intervals, whether that be from your irrigation system or Mother Nature herself. 


To aerate simply means to give it oxygen. Aerating in Overland Park is the process of removing small plugs of soil to allow fertilizer and water penetrate the surface deeper. Aeration also reduces soil compaction and offers more space for root growth. For help aerating in Overland Park, contact Encore Turf for the best service in town. 

If you struggle to keep your grass a beautiful green, the best thing you can do is hire lawn care professionals in Overland Park to maintain it for you. A company like Encore Turf has the knowledge, expertise, and right equipment needed to do the job. We also offer lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park as well, which is very important in a healthy yard. Contact us today! 

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