Your Summer Guide To Lawn Care in Overland Park

Summer is the time for lawn maintenance in Overland Park. In spring, the primary focus of lawn care professionals in Overland Park is getting your lawn green and healthy. In summer, though, our focus switches to keep it fit in the sweltering heat and minimal rainfall. Additionally, we want to make sure that your lawn can stand up to the test of backyard barbecues, graduation parties, pick up soccer games, and anything your family can throw at it. Below, we will share your summer guide to lawn care in Overland Park from some of the best lawn care companies in Overland Park.

Tips for Mowing

  • Keep your grass longer in the summertime. This will help your lawn stay more tolerant to drought and dry weather.
  • Mulch your grass clippings to keep moisture levels more steady.
  • Lawn care professionals in Overland Park recommend you mow your lawn more frequently in the summer. This will help keep your grass healthier and will make sure that the grass clippings do now smother the rest of your yard.
  • Make sure your lawn mower blades are nice and sharp to minimize stress on the lawn. The alternative, hiring one of the best lawn care companies in Overland Park will ensure your grass is being mowed correctly using proper equipment.

Your Summer Guide to Lawn Care in Overland Park

Tips for Watering

  • During the summer months, lawn care professionals in Overland Park say that your lawn needs a minimum of one inch of water each week. It should get even more when the temperatures are highest.
  • You should water your lawn early in the day, before the sun reaches its peak, to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation and to reduce the risk of fungus.
  • If you cannot water your lawn regularly, another option is to allow it to go dormant by not watering it at all. If your yard is brown, that means it has already gone dormant for the summer. Do not try to bring it back. Instead, let it stay dormant until fall when it will naturally recover on its own.

Your Summer Guide to Lawn Care in Overland Park

Tips to Control Insects and Diseases

  • If you do allow your lawn to go dormant for the summer, or if you let it to be stressed from lack of water, it may be more susceptible to infestations from insects like worms, ants, fleas, and mosquitoes. While small outbreaks often dwindle on their own, larger ones may require professional attention from one of the best lawn care companies in Overland Park.
  • Summer also brings a rise in fungal diseases, which can cause your lawn to look powdery or brown and patchy. A fungicide can help, as can watering earlier in the day. Evening water can cause moisture to linger overnight, providing the perfect growing environment for fungus.
  • Summer lawn maintenance in Overland Park includes applying grub control. You can start this application sometime in the middle of summer, late June or early July.

Miscellaneous Lawn Care Tips

  • Stop fertilizing over the summer. Most lawn care professionals in Overland Park recommend cutting out the fertilization a month before the high summer temperatures hit. Fertilizer can cause your lawn to burn in the hot sun.
  • If you do feel the need to fertilize your lawn in the summer months, make sure to choose an organic fertilizer. These are naturally more slow-releasing and easier on your yard than fertilizers containing synthetic chemicals.
  • If your yard lends itself to specific areas of high traffic flow, we highly recommend installing stepping stones to protect your grass.
  • Lawn maintenance in Overland Park also includes weed removal, especially in the summer. Making sure you get rid of weeds before they have time to seed is especially important. Targeted weedkillers are designed to keep your lawn safe, but they do need to be applied when the temperatures are more relaxed (below 85 degrees) for a few days. If the weeds do get out of hand during the hotter months, you may need to pull them by hand.

If you need any help with your lawn this summer, be sure to call Encore Turf at 913-485-2423.

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